I met YuX when I was 16, he was 25. My mom and he were both worked for the same jewelry brand, she was in sales, he worked in the creative department as a visual merchandiser. YuX had invited my Mom to his first painting exhibition in a hairdresser’s shop in the center of Milan and she took me with her. When I saw him for the first time, I remember thinking to myself “I like this guy”, as if I already knew by then that something was meant to happen in the future.

Years went by and we crossed paths a couple of other times after that event. Either I took part to one of his Art exhibitions or we had drinks with some friends. He was a fun guy to be around with but the timing was always bad, either he had a girlfriend or I was in that phase of my life where I didn’t want any relationship at all. Despite that, we liked each other until one day, everything changed.

I had just fallen out of an insane relationship with this crazy man that was 17 years older than me. In the midst of the drama, I received an invite from YuX to a party he was holding at his place. I was so overwhelmed by the crazy man that was stalking me and I was about to back out from the party, but my mom stepped out and yelled at me “Shut the Fuck up! Now make yourself pretty, take my car and go to the party”.

I’ll always be grateful to her for that advice, it was such a beautiful night! People were coming and going at the party, but YuX and I clicked and his attention was on me the entire night. We talked about Art, Music, Ideas, Projects. It was like we had know each other forever and that was the beginning of our relationship.  I have so many memories with YuX that I could write pages and pages about the fun, the waves of laughters, the tears, the madness, the Art, the beauty, the trips around the world and above all, the Love. I consider him one of the most precious gifts the universe has given to me and I’m grateful for what we had together.

Then one day, we reached a crossroads. He wanted to take one path, I preferred to explore the other. There was no right or wrong choice, we had just come to a point where we wanted different things out of Life. It is a common belief that love stories should always end in big dramas; ours did not. Although we had some hard moments to face and things to take care of, it’s been an open dialogue the entire time and a celebration of what we had created together, rather than what we had destroyed. I sold YuX my part of the house, while we were driving together to the notary’s office to sign the paperwork, we started recalling some of our memories. We laughed, cried, hugged, thanked each other for the Life we shared and at the end of the day had a glass of wine and cheered to ourselves.

Eight years with YuX have been a long time and all the while it seems like they’ve been a snap, but the depth of the feelings and emotions they left, is ever present. I believe that some people are meant to walk by our side only for a limited time and at when the moment to separate arrives, we have to learn to let them go.

I bless YuX for the wonderful person he is and I wish him all the happiness, the Love and the success he deserves. He’ll always have a special place in my heart. There will be many stories throughout this blog in which he’ll be mentioned. With this one, it was my wish to give you a proper introduction to this beautiful soul, who has been one of the most important persons in my Life.

’Til the next One!




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