A beautiful girl is on a secret mission. She arrives at an abandoned Motel in the middle of the desert. While she’s waiting for instructions, she starts having deja’ vus that make her believe she’s already been there before. A mysterious man finally gives her some coordinates. Will she be able to complete her mission?

The film is a tribute to the 25 Years of Guess Handbags and quotes some of the most iconic Guess commercials from the past.






CLIENT: Signal Brands  – Guess

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Coxy Chiara Rodoni – DIRECTED BY: Bruno Miotto – PRODUCER: Meagan Judkins – PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Ilona Klaver –  STARRING: Elizabeth Turner – CINEMATOGRAPHER: Michael Pescasio – ORIGINAL SCORE: Alberto Bof – SOUND DESIGN & SOUND MIXING MKRS Studios – ALL MUSIC © MKRS Publishing LLC – EDITOR: Will Butler @ Exile Edit – POST PRODUCER: Remy Foxx @ Exile Edit – VFX: Jory Federighi, Brian LeGoo & Ian Nelson  @ Bubba’s chop shop – COLORIST: Robert Curreri – EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Rik Michul @ Coyote Post – POST-PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Carlos Gonzales @ Coyote Post – 1ST AD: Daniel Aspromonte – STUNT: Allison Sieke – 1ST AC: Cameron Owen – MOVI TECH: Ryan Woods – DIT: Simon Hayes – GAFFER: Lou Ramos – GRIP: Aaron Morquecho – SOUND OPERATOR: Carrie Sheldon – COSTUME DESIGNER:  Coxy Chiara Rodoni – WARDROBE ASSISTANT: Talie Morgensztern – PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Christopher Canullo – HAIR STYLIST: Eddie Cook  – MAKE UP ARTIST: Gia Harris – STILLS PHOTOGRAPHER: Stefania Rosini – PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Garrett Kohler,  Cody Ross, Mirko Urania, Kim Judkins – LOCATION: 4 Aces – Palmdale CA – SITE REP: Frank Basulto – SPONSORED BY: Signal Brands – SPECIAL THANKS: Teresa Kanode Ross.