They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.


What kind of sheep are you in the flock? Are you the white sheep that follow blindly the trends imposed by media or are you the black sheep that stands out from the mass? I’ve always loved black sheep, with their elegant little black dress they differentiate themselves from the rest of the flock. However being a black sheep is not easy, nor comfortable and sometimes it can feel lonely and challenging. 

I have been a black sheep my entire life. My best friend constantly tells me I am a Rebel. I’ve always had my point of view, ever since I was a kid. In high school, I was considered an Outsider.  I was left out of the “cool group” as they considered me weird and different. The “cool group” was so stereotyped in my eyes: same kind of clothes, same way of thinking, same behaviors, same hang out spot every week end. I found it so boring and as I dared to express my voice I was kicked out.

Here’s a funny Story about that time. The 1990s was the era in which MTV and music videos were exploding. I was constantly doing my homework with MTV on. I was a great fan of Nirvana and Guns and Roses. I loved their music and I was very inspired by their outfits on stage and in their music videos. Nirvana’s style was “Grunge” whereas Guns and Roses were more “hard rock”. I started creating my own looks taking elements from both of them and adding my personal touch. For example, I would wear a leather jacket with fringes, motorcycle boots, a girlish dress with little flower prints and a large hat. Every morning, before I’d go to school, my mom would stop me on the door mat and say “where do you think you are going dressed like that?” but eventually (and after a bit of fighting) she realized that I needed a way to express myself so she’d let me go.

At school, my classmates started making fun of me, criticizing my outfits and giving me mean nicknames. There’s always a mixed feeling of pleasure and pain when you decide to be a Rebel. The pain comes from facing judgment and rejection, which sometimes leads to loneliness. The pleasure comes from owning the boldness and the courage to take a stand for yourself and express who you are without caring about other’s opinion. My classmates’ comments were hurting me on one hand and empowering me on the other. So I kept creating my crazy and counter-trend outfits careless of what they thought about me. A year later, Nirvana and Guns and Roses raised to such popularity that “Grunge” and “Hard Rock” became the hottest trends proposed by designers on the catwalks and were pictured in all fashion magazines. Suddenly the classmates that had so criticized me, started wearing the same stuff I was wearing a year before.  Years later, when my career as a fashion designer started taking off, some of those classmates wrote me messages saying things like “You always had the best Style in high school. You were so ahead of every trend. You are so Creative”. As the old saying goes “Better late than never ;)”. 

I still have the same way of thinking whenever I do or create something. I look at what everybody else does and then I tell myself: “Ok. Now create something Unique!”. That’s just the way I am, I’m a Rebel and I love standing out of the mass. The world is too full of mediocre people. I prefer to be considered different rather than “normal”, whenever someone tells me I’m crazy, I take it as a compliment and thank them. I don’t like stereotypes, I am more interested in those individuals that stand out because they have a different story to tell. 

Don’t follow trends, create them, you were born to stand out, not to fit in.

‘Til the next one!




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