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All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts (…)

– WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE – As you like it, Act II, Scene VII

I’ve been addicted to stories my entire life. I’ve read them in books, watched them on the big screen, or listened to them in the tales of the people I met while traveling around the world. Sometimes I’ve tried to capture them with a camera, other times I tried to draw them from the memories they left in my soul. One day, I decided to write them. One of the best pieces I’ve ever written was for my mother and I read it at her funeral. When I finished reading it, an audience was clapping their hands in tears before my eyes, my story had moved them. After that event, my best friend told me: “You should share more of your stories with the world” so I kept writing, and since then never stopped. 

I’ve always believed that life is like being on the stage of your own film, and in here you’ll read episodes of my personal story. They blend comedy, tragedy, fears, hopes, dreams, and profound lessons I have learned. along my path. They’re animated with unique characters and painted with the incredible shades of colors human beings are made of. 

None of what has been written in this memoir is intended to offend anyone. Words mean different things to different people and what has shaped my journey might not resonate with you but I invite you to read this diary with an open heart and awareness.

I hope my stories will inspire you to live passionately, love beyond measure, and be crazy enough to follow your dreams, because that to me, is the only door to Happiness.

With Love




Coxy is a Writer, Director and Costume Designer based in Los Angeles


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