When I decided I wanted to live in LA it was a warm and beautiful day. I was flying on the swing on the beach in Santa Monica. It was nearly sunset, the sky was turning red, there was a gentle breeze filled with the scent of the ocean and the warmth of the sun was laying on my skin. I was swinging up and down, faster and faster, giggling like a little girl. It was a moment of pure happiness and I remember thinking “I wanna live here!”.

I went back to Italy, sold all of my belongings and 4 months later I moved to LA and started a new chapter of my life. I’ve been traveling quite a lot in my life. I’ve mostly lived in Milan my hometown, 4 years in Paris, 6 months in London and explored something like 32 different countries and more than 170 different cities around the world. As the saying goes “home is where the heart is” and I found a piece of my heart here in LA. I am in love with this city, it makes me happy just like that day on the swing and this is why.

The sky is always blue and the sun shines almost every day. Every morning I wake up, look outside my window, and the light is there. This sight alone is enough to start off my day with a good mood. The feeling of happiness increases when I drive my convertible with a warm breeze in my hair while the music is playing and I sing at the top of my lungs.

If you are a nature lover like I am, LA and its surroundings have to offer pretty much everything you could wish for: ocean, desert, canyons, mountains, forest. You can spend the morning up on a hill, have lunch in the city, then drive through the canyons and end your afternoon with an incredible sunset on the beach.

As a creative, I love to surround myself with Artists and take part to all kinds of artistic showcases. Filmmakers, photographers, performers, painters, designers, actors, or musicians come to LA from the four corners of the world to follow their dreams, and this city gives them  (us) the opportunity to make them become a reality. When I interact with these incredibly talented artists, my work gets inspired and motivated and my creativity expands exponentially.

LA is freestyle, you are free to be everything you want, everywhere you want without the concern of being judged. When I first moved here I used to live close to the walk of fame on Hollywood Blvd. In the morning I’d wake up early and go hike at Runyon Canyon. I’d cross Marilyn Monroe, Batman or Spiderman all dressed up in their costumes, with a coffee in their hands heading to the boulevard to start their working day.  I love it! In LA you’re free to play whatever part you want.

The variety of the things you can get is incredible; every taste and every budget can be satisfied. Love luxury? You have the best restaurants hotels or private mansions. More on the hipster side? Then the artistic neighborhood of Silverlake is the spot for you.  Tattoo Lover? Shops are countless. Want to travel to the Asian side? Go to Koreatown or Little Tokyo and you’ll discover a new world. The list goes on: Hip-Hop, surfer, skater, yogi… name one.  I get daily inspiration in LA just by driving around, walking the streets and meeting new people, and I love how they all express themselves in so many different ways. The melting pot is incredible. I’ve never seen a city so diversified as LA. To me, it feels like the whole world is in this city. It’s like a harbor where all cultures can meet, mix and integrate

I’m not sure whether this one is a state of my mind or a vibe that the city has but I find LA to be extremely peaceful. All the cities I’ve lived in so far were so frantic and it was much harder to take some time off for myself to connect with nature. Here the opposite is true, whenever I get stuck on something, I can disconnect with the world and either go for a hike, in the desert or to the beach, let go and reconnect with a higher power.  I see eagles flying from the top of the hill, birds chirping in the trees, squirrels chasing each other, or I listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the sand and everything goes back to calm and silence.

Haters are going to hate. I hear the voices of many that tell me that LA is superficial, complicated, challenging or that complain about the traffic. I believe that any city in any country reflects who we are and what we choose to focus on. For those who feel that LA is too much to take on, I’d say: well it probably is. I’m down for the challenge! I love the idea that this city is so full of opportunities and at the same time of obstacles, it raises the stakes of my own game and I like to play.

I believe that LA is a place where dreams come true and I’m grateful to live here.  Sometimes I think I’ve gone through Alice’s rabbit hole and ended up in LA.

This is my LA LA LAND

’Til the next one!




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