I like authenticity. I have no aim to be a copy of someone else. I like to be Me. and maybe I’m fucked up, so what?

I’ve been a troubled teenager, in my early 20s I’ve tried every kind of drug (heroin excluded), then one day I got scared and stopped. I broke a lot of rules. I’ve always been a black sheep. I’ve never followed what everybody else did. I still don’t, I think it’s stupid. I failed many times, I’ve lost many battles, I’ve made a tremendous amount of mistakes and I’m thankful I did because that’s how I’ve learned my greatest lessons.

I do my best to avoid judging others, I try to see beyond the other’s mask and I ask myself what it would be like to be in their shoes. Everyone has a story and I believe we all do what we think is right according to the beliefs and the experience we have. I like the stories of humankind.

I moved to LA because I wanted to make films. It is a dream that I have ever since I was a kid. I want to tell stories that inspire people. Dreaming is the fuel of my Life.

I don’t chase fame. Andy Warhol once said “one day we’ll all be famous for 15 minutes”, I think that’s where we’re at now. I prefer being seen than being recognized, it’s very different. I love to listen, especially to what is not being said. I love it when I can capture the truth with a camera, that is why I love creating films. Acting has been like a therapy to me, a way to face my demons and discover who I really am. Being on a theater stage and diving into the psychology of a character fully and completely is a cathartic experience.

I’m not much of a socialite. I prefer having a nice dinner and dancing with my friends. I love to cook for them and nurture their senses, it creates a sense of family and intimacy that feels good.

I’m a  workaholic and that’s my addiction. I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like working at all. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas and start writing or drawing. Creating, makes me feel alive. Some people don’t get that about me. It’s been one of the main reasons for my love breakups. I need the freedom to be myself and to expand the boundaries of my imagination.

I have no preconceived schemes or plans. I have dreams, desires, and goals but I want to live in the now as much as I can, I think it’s the only moment in which everything is possible. In Life and in Nature everything transforms and so do I.

I love every aspect of Life. I’m in awe in front of the constant duality of the world: light and darkness, pleasure and pain, good and evil, rich and poor. I believe that everything has a duality and I think that denying it is like denying an important part of Life. I’m intrigued by every facet and shade of color humanity is made of. I’m more scared about mediocrity and by not living every single moment of my Life moment to the fullest than to die. I want to make the best out of every day I have and to feel all the possible emotions I can experience from it. I have no regrets.

My adjective for Love is Unconditional. It has no schemes, no compromises, no expectations, it’s boundless, it goes beyond space and time. It’s my pleasure and my sin, the more I give Love, the more I feel it grows within me. It’s a supreme feeling. I don’t ask for anything in change and no-one will ever dissuade me from loving. I fall in love with people and their stories every day. I’ve loved all my men, each one in a different way. I get interested in a man that has the ability to surprise me, who’s able to push me beyond my limits. If he takes me on a roller coaster ride, or on a plane to skydive, I might as well fall in Love. Passion is in my blood, (the Italian type) It’s the energy I bring in in everything I do whether it’s work or relationships. 

I’m devoted to Art in all its forms. I’m always fascinated by the way artists choose to express themselves. Of all the Arts, I think Music is the most divine. I envy musicians but in a good way, I could stare at them for hours. I wish I knew how to create music, I’d love to play the piano. I love singing, I might be a little off-key every now and then but I sing all the time: in the street, under the shower, in my car while I’m driving. And I sing loud. Sometimes I see people looking at me and wondering if I am crazy, so I sing louder. Music is with me every day, I can’t live without it.

Yes, I think I’m different and sophisticated, but if you look closely it’s actually pretty simple: I like to be authentic. I like to be Me and Maybe and I’m fucked up, so what? 

‘Til the next one!




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