My dream has always been to make films. I know it ever since the first time I visited LA. I was 6 old and I was exploring the stages at Universal Studios with my dad. I remember telling him “Dad, one day I’ll live and work here”. When I got back to Italy after that summer, I started pretending that I could speak English perfectly. I’d roll my R’s and makeup words that didn’t exist. I think mom foresaw my American dream and how bad I wanted it, so she bought me videotapes of films and cartoons in English with English subtitles. I watched them over and over and over again until I could perfectly understand and repeat every word. Later on, as a teenager, I’d record my favorite songs from MTV, listen to them a thousand times, write the words down and translate them. There was no internet nor Google translator back then, so I’d do that only with my listening skills and a small printed bilingual dictionary. When we started studying English in high school, I was ahead of everyone else. I’ve learned that with a dream in mind, determination, practice, and discipline, anything can be obtained. 20 years later, the American dream became true and I moved to Los Angeles.

I must admit that I had a very different idea of what living in the US meant before I reached this shore. From overseas, I’ve always believed that the US was the land of freedom and of opportunities – which I still think it is – and that Life here would be so much easier and rewarding – which I definitely reconsidered. Starting over in a country that is over 6000 miles away from my hometown and whose culture is so different than the one I grew up in, has been extremely challenging.

I made so many mistakes, it’s not even funny (well, maybe a few episodes could actually sit under the tragic-comic category), the struggle has been real and very present. I lost a huge amount of money in bad investments for myself and for my business. I had to wait 6 years before I could finally get my Green Card and start working in the film industry, and on top of that, I was an orphan with no family to rely on.

I’ve always believed that our only obstacles are the ones we set up in our minds. A battle is never lost until we choose to give up and patience, perseverance, and endurance are virtues one must master in order to succeed.

Have I reached a destination? Not at all! I’m enjoying the journey. I’m positive that the only moment I’ll reach a destination is when it’s gonna be over so I’d rather be an explorer and keep traveling, learning and growing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tsu

‘Til the next one!




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