I started picturing the Coxy Bag after a very challenging moment in my life. My beloved Mom had recently passed away from breast cancer. After her death, I found myself lost and in despair. I had a successful career as a designer and actress and lost it all. My power and confidence was gone. I was living in my head, rather than being present in my body. My inner voice was telling me that I had to rediscover myself as a woman and reignite my passion and purpose of inspiring people to Express their True Beauty. 

I reconnected with the primary force in Nature that is Creation. I began thinking about all the women I’ve met in my life. I started with the one that I loved the most, my Mom. I was inspired to Make a Difference. I wanted to create a bag that could talk about the Beauty of Being a Woman. The bag was to be Feminine, Passionate, Sexy and Intriguing and express the Feelings and Emotions of a woman.

I was open to the challenge. How could I possibly put all those things into a bag? I asked myself: what is the most beautiful thing about a woman? And suddenly I had the answer. It was one of my favorite quotes by Yves Saint Laurent:

“Rien n’est plus beau qu’un corp nu, le plus beau vêtement que puisse habiller une femme ce sont les bras de l’homme qu’elle aime”

“Nothing is more beautiful than a naked body. The most beautiful dress a woman can wear are the arms of the man she loves”

That was it! My bag had to be that Body; that magnificent temple where life begins for all of us. I grabbed my colored pencils immediately and began to trace the elegant shapes of a woman. My pencil was flowing on paper, my senses were reawakening and I could feel all of them within the lines of the drawing.

The Coxy Bag was born. It became a work of art. It became the Ultimate Bag. It’s Beautiful and Sensual as a Woman. She embraces her Body. She looks at the world through her long-limbed cat eyes. She is Confident and Charismatic. She owns her Power and her Destiny. Above all She loves Unconditionally. It’s more than a bag. It’s an Extension of a woman’s Being. 

Watch the inspiring and sensual video “Coxy. It’s you” featuring the Coxy Bag

There’s more… 

Every time you purchase a Coxy Bag, part of the proceeds are automatically donated to benefit women diagnosed with cancer, helping them to re-conquer their lives, their power and their beauty, during and after their illness. This is the cause I support to honor my mother who gave me life and inspired me to follow my dreams. 

The Coxy Bag comes in three different sizes (“Piccola”, “Media” and “Grande”) and in a range of 10 color combinations: Lipstick, Night, Ash, Nude and Shadow (Plain or Multi). It is 100% handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans using the highest quality materials, sustaining the sophistication of Italian manufacturing traditions. 

Watch this video to see how a Coxy Bag is Made.

With her unique design, the Coxy Bag is an excellent fit in any circumstance. Its practical, wide opening with magnets makes you find everything quickly. Its spacious, light design and shape allows you to carry all of your favorite things. It can be playfully worn under your arm or above your shoulder through the use of its elegant shoulder strap. It’s a beautiful work of art and a pleasant ally that catches the eye and grabs people’s attention. 

The Coxy Bag is a gift of Beauty and Femininity. It’s the Essence of a Woman. It’s a LIMITED EDITION! Get yours Now at Coxy.shop

Be Everything that is You.

It’s Coxy.It’s You.

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