She was a tiny little woman, she would define herself as “short”. She was filling the air with her glee and her exuberance. She was always smiling, every day, even when things were not going well. She was curious and resourceful, she would always launch herself in new adventures taking risks at times. She was rebel and stubborn, when she was convinced about something, there was no way to make her change her mind. She was a funny leading character, she liked to be in the spotlight. She was honest and loyal, always seeking for the truth and the light. 

Had I to pick a color to describe her, a rainbow wouldn’t be enough. Had I to write her story, I could fill pages and pages of episodes, anecdotes and travels.  These are only 4 of the many things she taught me and Today I would like to share them with you. 

First thing is about LOVE. She’d tell me over and over “Love rules the world. Whatever you do in your life, even when it’s boring, do it with Love”. She’d put that Love in every single little action, she’d seek for that kind of Love constantly. She’d talk to people always looking for words that would make them feel special.  She could give more than she had and would ask for nothing in change. 

Second thing is about FEAR. She’d tell me “when something or someone scare you, look at them in the eyes. When you’ll give your fears a name, you’ll realize that there’s nothing to be scared about”.   Of course she had her own fears, but she’d find a bigger reason within herself that would make her face her dark sides and move on. I caught her many times telling to herself “It’s all good” while taking a deep breath and starting over. 

Third thing is about the SILVER LINING. She’d say “Every experience in life, even the most painful one, has something to teach you. You have to open your heart and listen to what it’s telling you”. She kept repeating this all the time, even on her death bed. She’d reassure me that one day I’d understand the gift laying behind all that agony and pain. 

Last thing is about DEATH. When I was still a kid she told me: “Death is a part of life, it’s the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. If you have achieved good things along your path and helped others you’ll be remembered forever in the memories and the heart of the people who loved you”. 

Today when I look back, I know she was right about everything. This little, yet immense woman has taught me Life and Love and I feel lucky I had the privilege to have such a special Mom.  I miss her every day of my life but I prefer to smile rather than cry when I think of her.

Coxy wouldn’t exist today without the teachings, the help and the support of my Mom. This is why I choose to donate part of the proceeds from Coxy’s sales to support women with cancer to regain their lives. This is why Coxy is for every woman whose desire is to be Authentic and Unique. 

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