Once upon a time, there was a kind and sweet girl named Martarella.  Her Beauty was Natural and her Heart Sincere. She lived in the magic world of LA-LA-land.

Martarella was an only child, her parents had disappeared long time before in a far away country no one had ever heard of.  Martarella missed them a lot and felt very lonely at times but she was Courageous and Strong, she Believed in her Dreams and never stopped following them.

Martarella had a cruel Step-Editor-In-Chief-of-the-Greatest-Fashion-Magazine-Mother, and two vain and selfish Step-Blogger-Sisters who treated her very badly and forced her into a tireless work on social medias all day long. The two Step-Blogger-Sisters had a huge following built on appearance and glamour but the beautiful pictures they would post felt empty and meaningless (well at least this is the narrator’s modest opinion) .

Martarella on her side wanted to create something different. She painted her Blog with Pop Colors, and animated it with Art, Candies, Ice-cream and Big Smiles.  She wanted to be inspiring and funny.  Her looks were creative and strong and you could feel that there was so much more beyond the surface to explore. Unfortunately, all the blind fashion victims wouldn’t be able to see that.

Martarella kept on working hard, day after day, playing with her Imagination and Dreaming that she could find someone that could truly see her and give her all the Love she deserved.

One day she received an invitation for a big ball at Chateau Marmont . All the biggest celebrities in LA-LA-land had been invited and it was rumored that a handsome, mysterious (and single) prince would be present. Her Step-Editor-In-Chief-of-the-Greatest-Fashion-Magazine-Mother and her two Step-Blogger-Sisters gleefully chose their outfits among the best designer’s brands and discouraged Martarella by telling her that she didn’t have enough following to be noticed at the ball.

Martarella felt very sad, “why cannot people see beyond the surface ?” she asked herself “I just want to be myself”. 

Suddenly a Fairy-God-Stylist-Mother appeared and said  “don’t cry Martarella, you are Special and Unique and I will turn you into the Princess of the ball”.  Soon after she made a couple of phone calls and styled the sweet Martarella in a way her Beauty and her Light could naturally shine out. 

When it came to choosing her shoes, the fairy-god-stylist-mother told her “My lovely Martarella, You can wear many different types of shoes, but remember: only the ones in which you’re truly yourself will bring you the Love and the happiness you are looking for”

And with these words, she called her Nice-Micy-with-a-70’s-Pumpkin-Car-Friend to escort Martarella to the ball.

When Martarella entered at Chateau Marmont, everybody was struck by her Simple Elegance and her Style. Her smile was radiant and her face was glowing but she didn’t really care about being recognized.

Martarella danced all night as if nobody was watching at her.  She felt free and happy and all the people at the ball were admiring her Innocence and her Spontaneity.


As far as the Prince, well that’s another Story.

The only thing that matters is that Martarella picked the shoes that made her Happy and Loved for her Sweetness and her Authenticity.


HELL NO! This is just the beginning!



With an unconditional love for fashion, Italian girl Marta Pozzan shares her unique style and bold outfits that transcend trends and combine her European roots with her American life. Marta Pozzan began her journey in the fashion industry at the age of 19 years old. While attending college in Milan, Marta started working as a fashion editor for Vanity Fair Italy’s fashion Editor-in-chief Silvia Paoli and for LostinFashion.it, a fashion and lifestyle blog. In May 2009, besides hosting the daily show Fashion Nuts on Lostinfashion.it – web tv show about fashion and lifestyle – she was also hosting trend videos during Milan fashion  week at the Max Mara, Bottega Veneta, Armani and Marni shows interviewing fashion designers such as Elio Fiorucci, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, Thom Brown and Raf Simons. After graduating, in the summer of 2010, she took graduate courses at the Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design, with the intention of attending a Master degree in fashion journalism. She then decided to move to Los Angeles as she was awarded a scholarship to attend the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute from where she graduated in 2012. In the same year she began It’s Super Fashion with a rookie editorial spirit that goes into creating stories and concept behind the featured outfits. The blog has been featured, among others, on WhoWhatWear, Galore Magazine, Unleash’d Magazine, Barneys blog The Window, Racked LA, The Coveteur, StyledOn, VOGUE Japan, VOGUE Mexico, ELLE UK, ELLE Bulgaria, and recently featured on W Magazine September issue. Marta is also a contributor for L’Officiel Italia with a column on Angeleno art, fashion, lifestyle and events and ambassador for POPULARTV. Notable brand collaborations include J Brand, BVLGARI, Nasty Gal, Guess, H&M, GILT, Samsung, Uberliss, BCBG,  Sebastian Professional, Nike and many more. 

See more at martapozzan.com


PHOTOGRAPHY: Stefania Rosini