Costume Design for the trailer for the Book “Life on Loan” (Vita in prestito) by Rosanna Balduzzi Gastini.

Clara Scardi’s life was shocked by the death of her husband, a wealthy financier, whose body was never found. Following the tragedy that has struck her, Clara, who has no memories of her past, lives in a state of apathy, while her assets are managed by a curator, Dr. Varosi. Meanwhile, the lawyer Mario Valadier is facing the inexplicable disappearance of his wife Emma. Inspector Bertoli conducts a fruitless investigation, believing more in a romantic getaway than a murder or a kidnapping. Clara, meanwhile, as a consequence a new shock, convinces herself to be the victim of the diabolical plan of a branched criminal organization. Thus a frantic battle for survival that will take her to weave her life together with those of Mario and Emma begins. Who or what is Clara Scardi a victim of?  What happened to Emma Valadier? Set in the present in Milan ‘Life on loan. Vita in prestito’, first novel by Rossana Gastini Balduzzi , is an adrenalinic story that revolves around the figures of two women: Clara and Emma. Favoring the direct dialog among the characters and the externalization of their thoughts, the author takes the readers into the story giving them the feeling of living the emotions and tensions of its protagonists, moving from mystery to mystery, without giving respite, since in this novel nothing is as it seems.



DIRECTOR: Michael Daniele Driscoll – PRODUCER: Marta Gastini – CAST:  Marta Gastini (Anna) – Andrew Hawley (Mario Valadier) – Mark Ryder  (Dr. de Nicola) – MUSIC: Life on Loan by Desmond Project – COMPOSED BY: Francesco Audano – SOUND MIXER: Fabrizio Chiapello – COSTUME DESIGNER: Chiara Rodoni – EDITOR: Michael Daniele Driscoll – COLORIST: Joe Kicack – SPECIAL THANKS TO: Thibaut Evrard, Transeuropa recording studio, Turin and Rick McCallum