Once upon a time there was a mermaid who lived in the depth of the seas.

Nothing gave her so much pleasure as to learn about the world above the sea. She had heard stories about a large town where lights were twinkling like hundreds of stars. The mermaid grew more and more curious about the world of humans beings and wished more and more to be able to live among them.

The Ocean who knew about her desire offered to help her. He prepared a draught for the mermaid, with which her tail would disappear, and shrink up into what mankind calls legs and a surf board.

“As a price for this draught I will take the best thing you possess: your beautiful voice”, the Ocean said, “You’ll be able to walk among humans, you’ll have a beautiful form, a graceful walk, expressive eyes but you won’t be able to Speak. This board is your only way back to the under sea, should you one day decide to come back”

The mermaid accepted. She bargained her voice for legs and started wandering around the modern city among humans, skyscrapers and graffiti walls, looking for someone who could See her and Hear words of Beauty behind her Silence.

She thought “If only Humans knew that I have given away my Voice to be with them.” She suddenly felt lonely and wished she could go back to her Nature.

She walked, and walked, and walked until she reached the shore of a beautiful beach. She sat on the sand and cried. The ocean who had witnessed all of her journey told her: “Your fish’s tail, which in the sea world was considered so Beautiful, is thought on earth to be Different. Humans are getting disconnected to Nature and they don’t see the Beauty of it anymore. Your Voice is your power, let it Express who You are. You shall never give it away to anyone, not even to me.”

The mermaid had learned her lessons. As much as the world of humans seemed glamourous she didn’t want to forget the Beauty of her Nature. So she took her board and headed back into the waves of the blue Ocean.



CLIENT:     Glamifornia Style Lounge – Malibu

PHOTORAPHY: Chika Okazumi

MODEL: Joy Bleu

HAIR: Gigi Scotto – MAKE-UP: Paula Scarpino – MANICURIST: Barbara Warner

BRANDS FEATURED: Pelush New York –  Alaia –  Genny – Cameo the label –  Marni – BCBG –  Alice McCall – Bardot – Miu Miu –  Johanna Johnson – Es. Givien