The first time I met Marina, it’s been Love at First Sight.

We were meeting to rehearse a scene together for our Acting Class.  That day, she opened the door of her apartment and welcomed me in. We gazed into each other’s eyes and both had the feeling that we had already met somewhere. No, not in this life, maybe in a previous one.

So we started talking and talking and talking, like Best Friends do after they haven’t been seeing each other for a long time. We talked about Love, Life, Death, Feelings, about the Beauty of the World and about its Dark Sides. That moment was like a Deja Vu, It had already happened, somewhere and at some point in time.  Or maybe there were no Space and Time at all, who knows.

I thought she looked a lot like Marilyn; the way she moved, her voice, her manners, her sweetness and that sense of underlying Sadness mixed with a pure Passion for Love and Life.  As if She had just read my mind, she started telling me that Marilyn was her biggest inspiration; she knew so much about her it seemed she had lived in her skin.  Maybe she did, maybe she was Marilyn; just reborn in Italy and in a different Era. And Maybe something bigger than us had made our path cross so that we could write the piece of a Story together.

So I asked her: “What would Marilyn do if she lived here today ? How would her day be like ?  What would she think ?”

This is the story of a Day with Mari(lyn), a Soul that travels across Space and Time. That Soul Today has the name of Marina Rocco and these are her thoughts for You.


Marina Rocco is an Italian Actress, known for To Rome with Love (2012), Valzer (2007) and You Can’t Save Yourself Alone (2015).

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Stefania Rosini