Ever since I was a kid Vogue Italia has been one of my favorite magazine.  I was enchanted by the stunning photo editorials, the way they were built and the power of the stories they would portray.  This magazine inspired my entire career and at some point, I was fortunate enough to have Franca Sozzani featuring my work featured on it.

Last night I had the pleasure to be invited at the screening of  “Franca: Chaos and Creation”, a beautiful film documentary in which director Francesco Carrozzini portrays the life of his mother Franca Sozzani – the legendary editor in chief of Vogue Italia – in a stunning and touching way. I was enraptured and moved throughout the entire film.

Franca: Chaos & Creation Trailer

“Franca: Chaos and Creation” is the sensitive look of a son into his mother’s private life.  From an audience perspective it feels like being a fly on the wall, assisting to an intimate moment between mother and son, revealing at the same time the greatness of a woman and her vulnerability .

We all know who Franca Sozzani is. Brilliant, Controversial, Disobedient, Sublime. Her esthetic language has broken all the rules of the industry over the past 26 years. She raised the stakes, mixing fashion and social issues with sublime photography and art.  What you discover in this film though, is that besides all the glamour and the success, there’s a simple story made of Beauty and Unconditional Love of a mother for his son and of a son for his mother.

Francesco Carrozzini has created a little masterpiece, dressed with an amazing soundtrack that gets you into the rhythm of their feelings and makes you want to remember that all that is created can never be destroyed.

This film is a must watch not only for fashion lovers but for all the ones who never stop dreaming.  It will push your creativity beyond the boundaries of the Status Quo and will make you embrace the grandeur and the simplicity that lies behind the creation of Art.

Congratulations Francesco. Amazing work !

For more info on the film: Francathemovie.com

All of the following images are screenshots of the film.



coxy-blog-franca-chaos-and-creation-5 coxy-blog-franca-chaos-and-creation-6


  • Thanks for sharing Coxy! I want to see this movie now… it sounds incredible! you know my mom worked with Franca when she was 18. You guys will have to talk about it when you meet this time 😉

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