Here we are. It’s Halloween again and I am sure a lot of you are still wondering what kind of costume to pull out of your wardrobes. As you might already know by now, Costume Design is one of my favorite things, so let me give you a little inspiration taken from 5 cult movies that I Love.

1. YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN – 1974 by Mel Brooks.

If you have never watched this movie yet, do yourself a favor a do it as soon as possible, you will have a night full of laughters, guaranteed! There are several characters you can play with: Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, The Monster, Inga.  If you are a group of friend it would be funny if each one of you had a different role.

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Scene from the film "Young Frankenstein" 1974 by Mel Brooks

Scene from the film "Young Frankenstein" 1974 by Mel Brooks

2.  A CLOCKWORK ORANGE – 1971 by Stanley Kubrick

White Shirt, White pants, Suspenders, a black hat , oversized nude underwear and the rest is done with a fake long lashes on one eye only. And Here you are, turned into Alex, the most charismatic, sociopathic delinquent whose interests include Beethoven and ultra-violence.  Frightening enough to become Sexy. One more tip: you must drink milk all night !

Click here to watch “A Clockwork Orange”

Scene from "A Clockwork Orange " 1971 by Stanley Kubrick

Scene from "A Clockwork Orange " 1971 by Stanley Kubrick

3. THE SHINING – 1980 by Stanley Kubrick

A couple of years ago I went to a retrospective exhibition on Stanley Kubrick at the Lacma museum in LA and one thing really scared the …. out of me: the twins costumes.  Here’s the screen shot from the scene of film for you.  Easy costume for you girls: pale blue short dress, curly wig, pink ribbon, white knee socks and black ballerinas.

Click here to Watch “The shining” 

Scene form "The Shining" by Stanley Kubrick 1980

4. THE CROW – 1994 starring Brandon Lee in his final appearance

I’ve probably watched this movie at least 20 times during high school . Sure enough one of the reasons was because I was madly in love with Brandon Lee, the other one is that when the film came out I was right in the middle of my dark-rock-gothic-style teenage phase. Although I am not in that phase anymore, the Crow remains one of my cult movies. Interesting fact: the lead actor, Brandon Lee, was accidentally killed on the set during filming by a defective blank and the Unfinished scenes that were to feature him were dealt with by rewrites and digital special effects.  A ghost coming back from the after life… how about that ?

Click here to watch “The Crow” 

Coxy Blog - The crow

Coxy Blog - the crow 1

5. THE DARK KNIGHT – 2008 by Christopher Nolan

Forget Batman. The real deal in this movie is The Joker, brilliantly performed by Heath Ledger – who connected very deeply with his dark side playing this character.  To recreate the Joker look you need some some purple, some green,  a very good make up artist, tons of black humor, madness and an incredible power to seduce people with jokes.

Click here to Watch “The Dark knight” 

Scene from "The Dark Knight" - 2008 by Christopher Nolan

There are so many other excellent films you can take inspiration from to create your Halloween Costume.  These are my 5 picks for this year.

Curious to know how my costumes are gonna look like this year? Follow me on Instagram @coxychiararodoni and on Snapchat and Periscope @coxychiara for a behind the scenes.

Happy Halloween to you all !

Be everything that is You.

It’s Coxy. It’s You

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